The current data

The types of perturbagens in the dataset are:

  • Small-molecule compounds.
    The compounds were selected from multiple sources, including known drugs, pathway-specific tool compounds, and compounds of interest identified in NIH-sponsored small-molecule screening efforts in addition to nominations from the research community.
  • Human genes perturbed using lentivirally-delivered shRNAs.
  • Genes profiled for the effect of over-expression.
    Genes for the genetic perturbations were chosen to include known targets of FDA-approved drugs, drug-target pathway members, candidate disease genes, and genes nominated by the research community.

Accessing the data: See Data API

List of perturbagens profiled: See Perturbagens assayed

5,178 compounds

  • 1,300 off-patent FDA-approved drugs
  • 700 bioactive tool compounds
  • 2,000+ screening hits (MLPCN and others)

3,712 genes (shRNA + cDNA)

  • targets/pathways of FDA-approved drugs (n=900)
  • candidate disease genes (n=600)
  • community nominations (n=500+)

15 cell types

  • Banked primary cell types
  • Cancer cell lines
  • Primary hTERT immortalized
  • Patient derived iPS cells
  • 5 community nominated