Perturbagens assayed

To create CMap gene expression data, cells from diverse cell lines are exposed to perturbagens and the results are recorded using the L1000 assay. Perturbagens used include small-molecule chemical compounds and genetic reagents, including:

15,000 small-molecule compounds in 15 different cell types

The compounds have been selected from multiple sources, including known drugs, pathway-specific tool compounds, and compounds of interest identified in NIH-sponsored small-molecule screening efforts, in addition to nominations from the research community.

List of compound perturbagens

3,000 human genes perturbed using lentivirally-delivered shRNAs and 3,000 genes profiled for the effect of over-expression in the same 15 cell types.

List of genomic perturbagens

Genes for the genetic perturbations were chosen to to include known targets of FDA-approved drugs, drug-target pathway members, candidate disease genes, and genes nominated by the research community.