For Developers


The LINCSCLOUD API offers programmatic access to annotations and perturbational signatures in the LINCS dataset via a collection of HTTP-based RESTful web services.


Code that underlies algorithms and webapps on is available on GitHub. Our developers continue to improve the code based as new uses are demonstrated for LINCS data.


Compute Connectivity on the Cloud (C3) is an analytical environment developed for LINCS by the Broad Institute and currently hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developers can log in to C3 to leverage the same analytical environment in their research.

 {   "_id": "5141e359dfe7719b882e82c9",   "cell_id": "PC3",   "pert_desc": "TUBOCURARINE CHLORIDE",   "pert_id": "BRD-K99621550" }                 

API reponses are returned as standard JSON objects like the one above. All GET requests to the API are configured though a set of URL parameters that specify what data a user is looking for, what fields to return, how to sort the data, and other options. An example set of URL parameters looks like the following


For full documentation, check out