Cell types profiled

An important goal of the LINCS undertaking is the collection of data that spans different types of perturbations (e.g. genetic and pharmacologic) and that embrace biological complexity and diversity (i.e. are not optimized to one particular model or cell type). In that regard, it is of value to have a set of perturbations applied to a  standard set of cell types (as opposed to different cell lines being each being exposed to a different set of perturbations).

This page provides a list of all cell types currently being profiled at the Broad Institutes LINCS center. The following cell types were selected from more than 30 cell line nominations based on diversity of lineage, broad value to the biomedical research community and compatibility with the high-throughput 384-well based format of the L1000 assay . They span established cancer cell lines, immortalized (but not transformed) primary cells, and both cycling and quiescent cells.

A standard set of perturbations have been applied to these cell types. By standardizing both the perturbations and cell lines used in this work, this dataset is intended to address a variety of research needs and capture biological complexity and diversity, without being optimized to one particular model or cell type.

This page provides lists of the cell types currently being used to create data at the LINCS centers.  These tables will be updated as cell types are added.

Broad LINCS Cell Types

The cell types being used by the Broad LINCS team include: