February 17, 2017

lincscloud.org has been deprecated. Datasets previously hosted on lincscloud are now available for download from GEO, and for analysis on clue.io
Please contact clue@broadinstitute.org with any questions.

Question: Where can I download LINCS L1000 datasets?
For LINCS Phase I data see GEO GSE92742 (link will be public soon).
For LINCS Phase II data see GEO GSE70138.
L1000 and other datasets from the LINCS consortium are also hosted at lincs-dcic.org.

Question: I'd rather not download all the data - do you have analysis tools?
Analysis tools from the Connectivity Map project are now available on the Broad Institute's CLUE software platform. Sign up at clue.io
Analysis tools from the LINCS consortium are described at lincsproject.org.

Question: Is there an API? A new API will be available on clue.io
Please email clue@broadinstitute.org if you would like early access.