The Connectivity Map (or CMap) is a catalog of gene-expression data collected from human cells treated with chemical compounds and genetic reagents. Computational methods to reduce the number of necessary genomic measurements along with streamlined methodologies enable the current effort to significantly increase the size of the CMap database and along with it, our potential to connect human diseases with the genes that underlie them and the drugs that treat them.

Use web-based interfaces to analyze CMap signatures from within your web browser.

Access specialized portals to support multi-center collaborative CMap/LINCS projects (beta release).

Use the CLUE platform to develop your own algorithm or webapp, download the data from S3 or access it via Data APIs.

Learn about CMAP resources, use cases, technical background, laboratory protocols and answers to frequently asked questions

CMap intends to accelerate the discovery process by systematically revealing connections between genes/compounds discovered in screens and molecular pathways that underlie disease states. The goal is to turn basic discoveries into drugs and diagnostics that have therapeutic impact.